Eat Out To Help Out - London

The Eat Out To Help Out scheme starts Monday 3rd August and runs until the end of the month. If you don't know, the deal is, any partaking restaurant will offer 50% off food and soft drinks on Monday - Wednesday, up to £10 per person. I'm looking forward to getting a few bargains! In this list, I've compiled some of my favourite places that are taking part, and where the discount limit of £10 will still make a big difference, not just an extra side plate. 🙃

1. Theos Pizzaria

Theo's is my ultimate favourite pizza in London. All the pizzas are around the £10-£15 mark (ish) so half price is going to be NICE. Also, at lunchtime they do these oven baked sandwiches, on pizza dough, they're called Panouzzos and they're amazing. OH and they're usually just £5. So obviously you will find me there every Monday-Wednesday lunchtime eating my £2.50 lunch.

2. Casa Do Frango

It's Piri Piri chicken but made with actual quality ingredients and happy British chickens. Its the nicest Piri Piri chicken I have had outside of Portugal. A half chicken is £10, and the sides are £5/£6 each. I really recommend the African Rice, it's delicious. They have spots in Shoreditch and London Bridge.

3. Crispin

I love Crispin so much, never had a bad dish from them. Plenty of outdoor seats, a lovely, interior, tasty food, good coffee & even better wine (i know that's not included in the deal okay). Their all-day menu has pizza and pasta, between £8-£14, plus small plates.

4. Barge East

I booked Barge East for a work party, because what Front End Developers aren't organising work parties. Anyway. It's lovely. A big barge on the water in Hackney Wick, with a beautiful terrace and now their own Gardens with loads of outdoor seating. They grow some of their own stuff and it's just a really lovely space, perfect summer spot. They have a couple of different menus but the Garden menu is all between £10-£15.

5. LIU Xiaomian

Oxford Street / Marlybone spot, down a nice little quiet street below a pub called The Jackalope. LIU Xiaomain sell some of the nicest noodles I've had. The Hot & Sour Glass noodles are really amazing. I definitely overdid it on the spice and slightly embarrassed myself but still 10/10. All the dishes are between £8-£14 and I have seen a couple of outdoor seats on Instagram 👀

6. El Pastor / Plaza Pastor

The Short Rib Sharing platter is £27.50 so I don't know what else you want me to say. I loooove El Pastor it's just great. Both Borough (El Pastor) and Coal Drops Yard (Plaza Pastor) have outdoor seating, and everything is delicious. Their Tuna Tostadas are one of my favourite things. It's a bit more expensive than some of the others I've listed on here, but with stuff like the sharing platters, I think you can still get a bargain.

7. ASAP Pizza

A new(ish) thing by Flor at Borough Market. ASAP pizza is just great, all the pizzas sound weird and all of them are amazing. The Blue Cheese and Walnut one, with the Hawaiin, is like the ultimate pizza combination. Don't @ me okay. Umberto ordered it, and if a man with a name like Umberto can happily eat pineapple on a pizza so can you. They're only open Wednesday evening - Saturday, so just one lil window a week to catch the deal. I think it might be a bit crazy.

8. Eat Lagom @ Hackney Church Brewing

The food from Eat Lagom is maybe one of the nicest meals I had last year, might have been this year I honestly don't know at this point. But anyway, its amazing, the smoked chicken is like nothing I've had before, I love it. Prices vary, but you can get half a chicken for £15 and sides are between £4-£7. You have to order the smokey mushrooms and the potatoes. They also have smoked beef buns, and lots of other bits.

9. Kanada Ya

Kanada Ya is my favourite London Ramen spot, they have locations in Angel, Picadilly & Covent Garden. Ramen is between £10-£14 a bowl, and they also have some very nice small plates, I super recomend the fried chicken.

10. Honest Burgers

I feel like obviously you have been to Honest Burger before, but it felt wrong not to include it. Sites across London and elsewhere now, prices vary from £8.50-£14 for a burger and it comes with the chips! I just love it there. £4(ish) for the Honest Beef Burger & Chips is going to be really hard to pass up 😅.

11. Dishoom

Okay, this was supposed to be a list of 10, but then I found out that Dishoom is doing half price Mon-Wed, NO LIMIT, so it's extended to 11. I don't think I have to explain why that's a bargain. They also take bookings for any size group now, I don't think there has ever been a better time to go 🎉