Favourite UK Ceramicists / Potters

In early 2019 I bought a couple plates at a ceramics fair in East London, and from that point onwards I have spent probably far too much money on so many different plates, bowls, mugs, and vases. Beautiful food deserves wonderful plates. This is just one list, of people I have discovered through Instagram and fairs.

Lucia Fraser

Lucia is like my day 1, favourite person who makes nice bowls and plates. I met her at the first Wander x Ceramics sale I went to, and now have a lot of her stuff. I love her Glaciar collection, and large serving bowls, that I have 3 of. We're 2 people in a 1-bed apartment, no idea what I thought I needed 3 large serving bowls for but 🤷‍♀️.

She also does some incredible paintings that I one day plan to buy some of. She has an online shop, and you can also now find her stuff in Heals. Which is fancy!

Follow her on Instagram for shop updates, paintings and photos of cats

Instagram: @luciafraser

Website: luciafraser.com

Lisa Ommanney

We bought some of Lisa's famous cracked edge vessels from that very first sample sale in East London and was actually the main reason we went there. We very rarely use them for food, more just have them on the shelf to look at as they're so pretty. You would be most likely to recognize her stuff from Hide. We do have a very nice little side plate by her though that we do actually eat off

Instagram: @_lisaomm_ceramics_

Website: lisaommanney.com

Cath Pots

I can only assume that isn't her real last name, but I don't actually know. We have a couple of her mugs, and I am currently eyeing up like 5 different vases, but don't have any more empty surfaces in my apartment for them 😅I love the patterns and colours she uses on everything and when we ordered the mugs they came so nicely wrapped with a cute little card and everything. She also does plates & bowls that are equally as good.

Instagram: @cathpotsss

Website: cathpots.bigcartel.com

George Bronwin

I only recently discovered George, but I am already very obsessed. He uploads a lot of videos of him painting the bowls/plates/vases and I just can't believe he's doing stuff in like one perfect stroke. We have 2 of the blue leaf bowls, that we ordered as a commission and they're beautiful. One day when I have more space I want to order one of the giant vases so I can pretend I'm some Edwardian socialite.

Follow him on Instagram for very nice pottery videos plus some 10/10 cute dog / cute kid content.

Instagram: @ceramicsbygeorgebronwin

Studio Ophelia

The first Wander x Ceramics I went to I was pretty much just going for one of Ophelia's mortadella plates and then the girl in front of me bought like the only ones available and it was heartbreaking 😂But I just went back a couple months later and managed to grab one. They are probably the plates I get the most questions about. She updates her shop quite a bit and is always posting work on Instagram.

Instagram: @studio.ophelia

Website: studio-ophelia.com

Sanity Studios

Ran by Isobel McMahon, it's a little different from the others, although she does make and sell pots. Based in Bath, Isobel runs pottery workshops that you can book as a birthday, hen-do, whatever. It's such a great idea. She did one time try and teach me how to make a pot in her old little studio and I was not good at all. I would find the video but its mainly just me covered in clay whilst she laughs and yells WHAT ARE YOU DOING. Isobel is my sister, so she would be much more polite to you. I love this photo of her and her dog Moose making pots, taken in her old home studio.

Follow her on Instagram for more info about the workshops and photos of her very cute dog

Instagram: @sanity.studios

Website: sanitystudios.co.uk

Purple Pots

I have 2 very nice dinner plates by Purple Pots, they're maybe my most used thing. She helps run Clay Habitat, a very nice store near Waterloo, that sells a really lovely collection of ceramics from various different artists. The store is currently closed at the moment, but she has a website and you can order and collect pieces from her home in East London.

Instagram: @purplepots.co.uk

Website: purplepots.co.uk

Jono Smart

Jono is like, super popular, and all his stuff is so nice and sells out so fast it's genuinely difficult to bag anything. We have 2 small bowls we managed to snap up at some point. His stuff is mostly black, white, and grey, very natural and simple. He updates his shop every now and again but you've got to be fast. Follow him on Instagram for nice calming pictures of pretty pots and updates about his shop.

Instagram: @jonosmart

Website: jonosmart.co.uk

Grey Suit Clay

So there are 2 ways you can buy from Grey Suit Clay, one is just the normal, updates her online shop and you semi calmly go and buy something. The second is through her GSC Flash Sale account which I believe to be more stressful than trying to get Glastonbury tickets. On a sale day, she posts randomly on Instagram and the first person to comment SOLD gets it. Things sell in actually 12 seconds. I commented sold within 22 seconds of her posting and I missed it.

Instagram @greysuiteclay & @gsc_flashsale

Website: greysuitclay.co.uk

Nom Living

Based in East London, Nom Living has a really amazing collection of handmade homeware. I have quite a bit from them and I love all of it. Their online shop always has stuff available, and they add new collections frequently. It's hard to not spend a small fortune every time I visit the page because just everything is so nice. Follow them on Instagram for collection updates and just very nicely styled photos.

Instagram: @nomliving

Website: nomliving.com

Grace McCarthy

I think that a plate from Grace was actually the first nice ceramics thing I bought. She has a really lovely collection, lots of natural colours and blues. She doesn't seem to have a shop going on at the moment, but make sure to follow her on Instagram for updates as to when she will!

Instagram: @gracemccarthy_design

Website gracemccarthy.co.uk