The Ultimate Espresso Martini

time 5mins
serves 1
difficulty Easy

I love this Espresso Martini recipe. The maple syrup gives it a nice sweetness, and then its just alcohol and coffee, 2 of my favourite things. Umberto made 1 of these on NYE and from there onwards I have just blurred memories of everyone also trying to do it. Woke up to a kitchen covered in coffee beans and a floor covered in espresso martini. Think people had fun though...


  • Double Espresso (60ml)
  • 50ml Vodka.
  • 50ml Coffee Liqour.
  • 25ml Maple Syrup.
  • Ice.
  • 📖Method

  • Fill martini glass with ice and set asside.
  • For the coffee, we use the espresso setting on our nespresso machine, if you dont have a coffee machine, here's a [handy article]( about how to make espresso with out one.
  • Allow coffee to cool slightly.
  • Add coffee, ice, vodka and maple syrup to cocktail shaker and shake HARD
  • Discard ice from glass and pour in Espresso Martini through sieve. Be careful to prevent any ice from the shaker falling in.
  • Add a three little coffee beans to the top.
  • Drink!